When the Beach Beckons Destiny

by Debra Mae White on August 26, 2016

Seagull Pic“Who is not afraid of pure space – that breathtaking space of an open door? But despite fear, one goes through to the room beyond.” – Anne Morrow Lindberg, Gift from the Sea

 Walking by the water has always been cathartic for me.  The beach is the place I have come for decades to mull over decisions, stretch my sights forward and seek the quiet whispers of answers to life’s mysteries.  Today I spied a lone seagull watching me, observant, almost suspicious.  Buoyed by my past successes by the sea, I returned the gaze with a brazen stare.

But this day was different somehow. Instead of answers rising up, memories tumbled out, like my life was an overturned cup. Before me I glimpsed the young girl who dreamed of adventure, the mother who brought her babes to play along the shore at sunset and the woman who leaned into the warm kiss of her one true love while the ocean nodded in approval. Thinking of days gone by with the roar of the waters filling my ears, a ping of pain hit my heart like an arrow and I let the waves have their way with me.  The vessel that held the happenings of yesteryear was being emptied, becoming vacuous and bare.

Despite a blazing summer sun, a shower of primal green rain born of the blue sky appeared overhead. I had the sense I was being cleansed from above and below, purged, purified and prepared for what was yet to come.

Walking and walking and walking some more, I had the thought that this practice was active rest, an oxymoron to some, a welcome respite to those who know the reverie the gulf has to offer. The current comes and goes with a liquid chant, creating a dreamlike humming that is heaven sent.

My mind travelled to the edge of a metaphor likening the changing waters to life, twisting and turning me about, rising to grab and pull me under when I least expect, the tide taking me along a path of its own doing. I saw myself diving deep to bring back a gem of wisdom from the sea and cradle the insight like a pearl in the palm of my hand. Instead, I chose to sit and rest. I chose to allow the wind and the clouds and the sea to mesmerize me. 

Soon the cacophony gave way to silence in the soft center of my being. There I waited peacefully to become the next version of myself. While I lingered in the stillness, the gull turned and looked back at me. With the sweep of a royal emissary, she flew off toward her destiny.

 What comes to you when you walk on the beach?

 Savor the moment….

Debra Mae


Crossing the Desert in the Soul

by Debra Mae White on August 11, 2016

25th Anniversary Sept 2013 642

“Whenever new life grows and emerges, darkness is crucial to the process.  Whether it’s the caterpillar or the chrysalis, the seed in the ground, the child in the womb, or the True Self in the soul, there’s always a time of waiting in the dark.” –  Sue Monk Kidd

Ever since we returned from our extended overseas travel, I haven’t felt like I fit in my life.  Some have told me it’s not unusual to have trouble re-entering the everyday world after being immersed in the mystical energy of ancient lands. Even so, I was feeling empty inside and sank into a funk, sans meaning or motivation. Before long, a malaise settled upon me like a sorcerer’s spell. I came to dwell in a dry patch of life that plunged me down into the dark desert of my soul.

This morning I read the parable of the stream in “An Ordinary Life Transformed,” by Rev. Stephanie Rutt. The little stream sometimes struggled when it flowed past rocks and roots along the way. Such obstacles might pose a delay, yet in time could be conquered. When the water came upon the desert, no amount of effort would overcome the sinking of the stream into the sand. Soon the water became nothing but a trickle unable to flow across the parched land.  Only when the stream became still did it rise up into the air, transformed through evaporation into cumulous clouds filled with rain. When the rain fell, the stream once again became fluid and reached the other side of the desert.

We are conditioned to use effort to stay on our path in life, to power through the rocks that land on our road. Even those of us walking the road less traveled hope our spiritual practice will soldier us on through whatever comes our way. To sit still and wait in the dark when we start to sink, trusting that in time we will be transformed takes courage indeed. For me, it feels like losing myself in the uncertainty of what I cannot possibly know. Here I stand humbled to the process of stillness, reminded that true rest is a total surrender. Only when we give ourselves over completely, will we emerge anew.

What do you do when you come upon a desert?

Savor the moment…

Debra Mae


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May 25, 2016

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February 19, 2016

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