Knowing Where We Belong

by Debra Mae White on October 22, 2016


“Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place” – Casting Crowns

“Take a moment. In this moment, you have no responsibilities, you answer to no-one other than yourself. For this moment, go to the place where time disappears. Let go of whatever you are holding heavy on your heart. We don’t need a lot of anything, just a soft, full breath will bring the blessing. In this moment, all is well.”

And so our journey began in Sedona by hearing these timeless words from our Yoga instructor, Mally at Awakenings Yoga. Dennis and I shared much rich conversation during this trip on the topic of making Sedona our home for the next chapter of life. Like many souls of our generation, we are coming to the crossroads of creating a future that will be dramatically different from the past.

It takes courage to keep asking ourselves the big questions. What can we afford? Who do we want to be with? Where and how do we want to spend the rest of our lives? And then there’s the really big questions… What are we willing to let go of? What do we truly want to embrace? How can we serve?

After all the years of going to Sedona, the essence of that sacred place has become enmeshed in my being. Dennis and I never leave there as the same people who arrived. With each visit, we are poised for the next version of healing. Sedona burns away the shields that cover up our psyches and like snakes in the grass, we shed yet another skin. The pattern is one of purging, releasing, returning to the void to be re-created. Only then do we crawl out of the darkness and re-emerge.

I am reminded of a mystical dream where I rose from the ground, emerged as an embryo moist with the mud of my earth mother. What I find is that when I am in Sedona, what is worthy of being born is being fed. Yet when I ask to be shown the path that lies ahead, the woman within knows the only way to truly embody what I seek is to give myself over to the unfolding of what will come.

How do you know where you belong?

Savor the moment…

Debra Mae

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