Mysteries Revealed

by Debra Mae White on May 16, 2012

We found paradise in the Andes Mountains of Peru. My husband, Dennis and I settled into a slice of heaven at the Sol Y Luna hotel on our way to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Each ancient site in the area tells a story spanning eons in the ether of time. There, in the midst of awe inspiring views, we began our journey of discovery.

High in the Altiplano, we were led to a remote, rocky area by Maria, a 75 year old Shamaness who acts as a priestess or liaison between the physical and spiritual worlds. Our destination was the Amaru Muru Doorway, known to be an inter-dimensional gateway of the universe. Maria and her assistants laid out her mesa, a ceremonial cloth and began preparing a dispacho, the traditional offering made to the guardians of the nearby mountains, known as the Apus. We brought gifts for Pachamama, the Goddess or Mother Earth worshipped by the indigenous people of Peru.

The preparations were carefully carried out as Maria invoked the great spirits and asked for their blessings on our travels. The offerings included cocoa leaves used by the local inhabitants to oxygenate their blood at the 13,000 foot elevation. There was a myriad of sweets as we were told Pachamama is a female force that loves to taste sweetness. Every item placed on the multi-colored cloth held a special significance. A holy fire was prepared and many prayers were ushered to the heavens.

When the bundle was wrapped and ready to be ceremoniously burned, Dennis and I were instructed to approach the doorway. While we had been busy watching Maria meticulously carry out each step demonstrating love and respect for the spirits, twin sisters in their twenties from India appeared. Their soft voices synchronized in a mellifluous mantra as they began a chanting meditation.

To the left of the doorway there is a vertical indentation in the rock, known as the male polarity. To the right appears the female counterpart. In the center of these two openings lies the doorway itself, complete with a circular carving in the center. We were told the circle represents the third eye and marks the location where many are given a vision beyond the veil of ordinary reality.

When I lifted my forehead to the female side of the rock and felt the cold stone, I saw the sun rising with a bright red heart burning beneath. On the male rock, the image of a Condor in flight took form, teaching the right use of power. Then, as I placed the center of my forehead on the small circular opening for the third eye, awaiting my sacred moment, not one but two cell phones began ringing.

Hah! I gasped…we were in a remote area high in the Altiplano of Peru with only a Shamaness, her two assistants and our guide. What were the chances?

Inhaling deeply in the thin, crisp air I steadied myself against the cliff and opened my mind asking for a message. In my mind’s eye, I sensed the celestial watching the scene unfold. Then, I received my lesson. I knew that one can connect with spirit in any circumstance. In times of chaos and cacophony, in the midst of motion or the mundane, the opportunity to touch the divine is always present.

A hush fell upon me and rendered me humble. I marveled at how mysteries are revealed in the most inauspicious ways. In the next moment, I heard the message of life in a falling leaf, in a dark, smooth stone that settled at the bottom of the nearby lake and singing in the little lupines that lingered along the road we traveled. I experienced a sudden, spontaneous appreciation of everything that was there all along waiting for my attention to notice.

As we watched the dispacho burn and the sacred smoke rise into the intensity of the brilliant Andean sky, one of the Indian girls turned our way and asked “What are you seeking?”

“We are seeking nothing,” I replied and inquired, “Why are you here?”

“We don’t know why,” she responded.

“Ah…I mused. Now you know why we are all here.”

“We come because we are called,” I continued.

“We are drawn to the richness of Pachamama. We are like bridges built to bring the energy back with us to share with others.”

My young friend smiled and said, “That’s beautiful.”

“Beautiful, I repeated, just like Peru.”


Savor the moment…

Debra Mae

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Janet Conner May 21, 2012 at 10:17 am

Debra Mae,

I am savoring the moment with you. Thank you and Dennis for bringing us into the door with you. I am feeling deeply blessed.



Debra Mae May 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Thanks for checking out this post Janet. I am hoping to upload some photos we took to enhance the story soon.


Gayle Lawrence May 23, 2012 at 1:19 pm

What a beautiful story Debra, it touches my Soul and reminds me why Pachamama and the Apus of Peru hold such a special place in my heart. It brings me such joy to hear stories such as yours and to know that as your trip organizer, I played a part in this mystical experience you had in Peru. Perhaps the Apus will call you back one day as you are now connected by a Divine thread to the magic of the Andes and Pachamama.
Gayle Lawrence


Debra Mae White May 23, 2012 at 4:19 pm

Our trip exceeded our expectations as this story is one of many mystical moments we shared in Peru. Thank you Gayle for helping us create a most memorable experience.


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