Ancient Callings

by Debra Mae White on September 13, 2012

When I arrived in the Land of Enchantment, my heart could not help but heighten. We took refuge from the southwestern New Mexico wilderness in Steve’s beautiful home perched above the Gila River and beneath the watchful eye of stunning rock formations. The lucent monoliths come together like a protective womb around the solitary site.

My friend Steve is an avid collector of indigenous artifacts unearthed from the expansive forest surrounding the area. He let me hold a sacred instrument infused with the energy of a medicine man of long ago. It was my privilege to listen to the primal Shaman’s rattle vibrating in the palm of my hand. In that moment I connected with the inherent wisdom that resides in our collective cells, the DNA of all awareness.

As we walked among abandoned shards of pottery left where there once was a thriving Native American village, Steve shared the odd burial practice of the bygone inhabitants, the tribe known as the Mimbres. The custom of adorning the dead with colorful bowls placed over their heads has led to much speculation. Perhaps the circular hole carved in the center of the bowl served the spirit of the deceased to straddle the physical and spiritual worlds, signifying the Mimbres insight that lost loved ones travel home to guide the survivors.

Sitting still among the remnants of these early settlers, I heard the whisper of voices on the wind. A secret chant seemed to sound from the hill tops and awaken my soul. There was dancing in the silent center of that quiet place where one can reach across time, connect with the cosmos and touch the truth that never changes.

Who can tell the many ways we may communicate with the ancient ones?

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Shanee September 16, 2012 at 1:05 am

Beautiful, I love the mystery inherent in the last line.


Margaret Duarte October 5, 2012 at 1:34 pm

What a lovely way of sharing some of the traditions of the Native American. While researching the Native American Medicine Wheel for my novels, I gained an appreciation for sacred Native American teachings.


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