The Sanctuary

by Debra Mae White on June 6, 2012

As you approach Machu Picchu, there is a butterfly sanctuary that sits beside the Urubamba river, just outside the city of Aguas Calientes. The sanctuary flanks the rudimentary road that begins at the base of the ancient city, tucked into the majestic mountains of Peru.

Upon entering the habitat, I was surprised by the eclectic beauty and symmetry in the juxtaposed jungle, a tangle of vines dancing around orchids. There, in a quiet, secluded enclave, metamorphosis takes place every day.

I wandered the pathways, fascinated with the various stages of evolution represented. I saw larvae lining the undersides of elongated leaves on a wild banana plant, tiny specs germinating. There were perfectly formed cocoons and chrysalises dangling precipitously from tree branches, the insects snug in their protective covers while awaiting rebirth. Then, my attention was taken by a marvelous, black velvet moth with an impressive wing span and brilliant markings, basking in the Andean sun.

There is a mystique about these creatures that incubate to emerge magnificent. One cannot help but wonder how they could possibly know what will become of them. The caterpillar exemplifies instinct and trust when entering the cocoon, nature’s womb of transformation.

Walking about this natural paradise, I stood in awe of a mirror of all life. Man was born wired in exactly the same way as these elegant winged ones. Have we lost our connection to nature’s instinctual guidance, I wondered?

Our human birthright is to transform as nature transforms. But to do this, requires rest. Energy is meant to be cultivated, not endlessly expended. We must stop our busy lives and rest, much like the young insect preparing to fly. The cycle of life will only continue when we respond to the need to replenish ourselves. The simple state of Rest provides the space for nature to take its course.

The caterpillar Rests and becomes a butterfly. When we Rest, what miracle waits for us?

Savor the moment…

Debra Mae

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